Sample Syllabi Unfulfilled

Complete Syllabi for two Science and Technology Studies Course, one a general introduction and the other and an upper division or graduate course that focuses on Biomedicine and the Social Studies of Medicine. (I have not included boilerplate requirements for academic honesty, ADA compliance, and other formalities that would need to reflect the institutional demands on Syllabus form and style.)
Introduction to Science and Technology Studies

    Biomedicine Today

I also consider myself prepared to teach a variety of discipline specific courses at the introductory level including Sociology of Medicine, Cultural Anthropology with an emphasis on ethnographic methodology, and Development Studies. I’ve listed a number of courses and key textbooks usable in the courses here : Other Courses

I also would love to one day run a graduate level seminar on the social studies of public health in which discussion focuses on the Foucauldian concept of Population and the turn towards the Biomedical; a sketch of that potential course is linked as a word document here.