Prior Teaching Experience Expanded Description

Co-Teaching Opportunities:

Program in Design and Innovation Studio One: Introduction to Design Innovation and Society

(DIS) (STS,RPI) Aug- Dec 2011   Professor: Burt Swersey (Department of Engineering, RPI), Audrey Bennett (Dept of Language Literature and Communications, RPI —  This course traditionally co-taught by an STS faculty member, allowed me to lecture and assist with the inclusion of social theory, and critical perspectives in a course on design. I participated in grading, student             advising, and providing framing within the courses divided focus on Visualization and “User- Centered Design” / “social entrepreneurship”. I included sociological framing of “social problems” and “needs assessment” as well as methodological discussions of interview technique and research ethics. Studio 1 is the inaugural course for double majors participating in the DIS/PDI  at RPI drawing students from the Schools of Architecture, Engineering, and the School of Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences. I am attaching a PDF document, containing the complete scans of the evaluations for my teaching submitted by the undergraduates in the class, linked here.

Poverty and Affluence (Department of Urban Studies, Queens College, CUNY) Feb – May 2006

Professor: Candace Kim Edel (Department of Urban Studies, Queens College, CUNY) Prior to entry into graduate school, I assisted my mother in the final semester before her retirement with grading, course preparation and lectures. My contribution focused on sociological definitions of race and class, as well as historically situating theories of marginality in expert discourse and policy. Discussions included relations of social stratification in urban spaces as a result and contributing factors to a) theories of public health and b) urban development. Poverty and Affluence was a core course for majors and minors in Urban Studies, and cross listed as an elective in the sociology

Graduate Teaching Assistantships:
Information Technology and Society (STS,RPI) –  Atsushi Akera                                            (Syllabus of current version)
Politics and Economics of Information Technology (STS,RPI) – Atsushi Akera     (previous version of the above)
Introduction to Science and Technology Studies (STS,RPI) – Edward Woodhouse
Professional Development II: Leadership (STS,RPI) – Lauren Montgomery Rhinehart

Undergraduate Teaching Assistantships:
Ever Since Darwin -Prof: Lynn Miller, Hampshire College, Amherst Mass.
New Guinea Tape Worms and Jewish Grandmother: The Natural History of Infectious Disease-Prof: Lynn Miller, Hampshire College, Amherst Mass.
Proceed With Caution-Prof: Lynn Miller, Hampshire College, Amherst Mass.

Bioarchaeology of Women – Prof. Pamela K Stone, Hampshire College, Amherst Mass.
Ethical Dilemmas in Biological Anthropology- Prof. Pamela K Stone, Hampshire College, Amherst Mass.
Anthropology of Reproduction- Prof. Pamela K Stone, Hampshire College, Amherst Mass.