Anthro 101 Supplemental documents

Below find handouts and other supplemental documents for my Anthropology 101 course:

Handout: Understanding the Assumptions of the Social Sciences

Handout: How to Write Weekly  Reading Responses (Spring 2016)

Handout: Instructions for reading and response questions (Fall 2015)

Handout:Doing Annotations

Handout: Extra Credit Options

Handout: How To Keep a student Observation Portfolio

Handout: Social Structure, Social Capital, and Cultural Capital

Handout: Semester Review Study Guide: Keywords list (2016)

Handout: Mid term Review Keywords and Concepts (2015)

Handout: Semester Research Project Instructions (2015)

Sample: Rough Lecture Notes

Sample: Topics Handout on Linguistic Anthropology

Sample: Take Home Portion of Mid Term Exam ( Fall 2015)

Sample: Reading Notes provided for Monaghan and Just Text (Fall 2015)